Interview with Márcio André

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Marcio, can you tell a little bit about yourself?

Talking about me is easy because I live a simple life. I live with my mother Andreia who is the best title I have in life. I have the support of my girlfriend Brenda and my team mates. I train at Nova União Bangu since 2006 with my teacher Fábio Andrade who is a father to me!

What is something people don’t know about you?

What people don’t know is that I’m not a playboy, lol. Lots of people think I am arrogant , that I’m a playboy but I was born in Bangu. Bangu is a not a rich neighborhood, to the west of Rio. I got what I have from lots of work of my mother, help from my teacher and some prizes that the sport gave me. This is what drives me to fight… The possibility of a better future for my mother!

What is your daily training schedule?

I wake up early to run a little, I work out, train jiu jitsu at 10am, rest, go eat something, train again at 4pm, go to school and go back at the gym for the last training of the day. On weekends I’m always competing. If there are no tournaments, I go to my girlfriend’s house!

What was your toughest match this year?

For sure, the final of the worlds this year, against Denilson from Atos. Very tough kid, the toughest I’ve ever fought in my division. I think that was one of the toughest fights I had in my life and it ended up being decided by one advantage.
Is there anyone you would like to fight?

No, my teacher always taught me to fight to become a champion no matter which opponent I would face. He always says that I’m not fighting superfight but tournaments so there’s no point in focusing in one opponent. I have to be ready for everybody whether playing or passing guard.
What are your plans for the future?

My future is in the hands of God, I just go training and he opens the doors for me. I thank him for putting in my path people who help my dreams become reality: Shoyoroll, Bull Terrier, Cemeru, Stone, GSoares, Prime Esportes, Valter Joias, Suptec, my teacher and my training partners and all of who cheer for my success!