7 Awesome Grappling Photos from Poland

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"My name is Peter (Piotr). 
My full name is Piotr Feczko and you can see my pictures on my website: peterf.smugmug.com .
I live in Poland (Central Europe) and shoot wrestling (and similar) here.
I am an amateur photographer. It is my hobby and a kind of activity during my free time.
From time to time I take photos of other martial sports/arts (especially sumo, judo, jiu-jitsu and similar) or other ball sports.
I am lawyer and live and work in Cracow (Poland, Central Europe).
Since I was a teen - I had contacts with various kinds of martial (combat) arts, sports and systems. Maybe I nowhere gain a excellent mastery, but some practical skills are very helpful during sports photography.
I started taking picture of martial sports three years ago and in 2011 I was a photographer of Polish Wrestling Union (and I am still there). Now I am a photographer at polish sumo and make photos of judo too. 
It is - generally - non profit activity for me.
Now at my free time I am once a week a wrestling coach and from time to time I train thaiboxing or hapkido.
It is nice to be published by BJJPix. I wish William fun and good work :)"

Thank you Peter for the amazing photos.