The BJJ Globetrotter: Book Review

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After having lost one of his team mate who had commited suicide, Christian Graugart, a brown belt BJJ teacher near Copenhagen, Denmark, questioned his life. Was he enjoying his life? What if death were to take him also too soon? He decided to do something about it and choose to do an around the world jiu jitsu trip. Christian travels to 29 countries, including France, Romania, India, Japan, the US, even the Gualapagos Islands and of course, Brazil where he trained in the favelas of Rio. Christian meets hundreds of people and talks about how his game improved after having trained with so many different people. If you ever thought of backpacking, this is the way to do it. I read it and I loved it. This is maybe the first BJJ novel published, a very good read and a must have for the jiu jitsu passionate.

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