Eduardo "Teta" Rios will be a participant at ADCC China

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Eduardo "Teta" Rios, European Champion and ADCC veteran, moved to Oslo where he is expending the sport in all Europe since 2006 through dozens of seminars. William Burkhardt met with him in Barrinha, Rio de Janeiro for an interview for BJJPix.

BJJPix - Eduardo, tell us about how you moved to Oslo.

Eduardo - In 2006, I went to Lisbon to compete at the Europeans where I won at black belt. After that, I traveled around to teach seminars. At last, I went to Oslo to visit one of my students and great friend who had recently moved there. I met my girlfriend, purple belt at the time, now a black belt. In 2007, I went back to Europe to compete at the Europeans again and ADCC trials too. Today, I own a gym called "Frontline Academy" along with three partners and friends from Oslo.

BJJPix - How about your participations at the ADCC?

Eduardo - I won the trials in 2007 but I didn't get to compete the ADCC in the US, because the customs wouldn't let me enter the country. I own a brazilian and a portuguese passport which confused them. They treated me like a criminal. I classified this year to participate of the ADCC in China and I hope I get a visa to prepare with Libório in Miami.

BJJPix - How did you start training jiu jitsu?

Eduardo - My dad and my uncle are both black belts, so I started training when I was a kid at Carlson Gracie in Copacabana. When Ricardo Libório left Carlson Gracie's, I went with him to the new Brazilian Top Team. He also teached in at an academy inside the Barra Beach building, located in front of the beach. In 2002, he moved to the US.
I also started to train to judo when I was six. I am now a brown belt. I have always trained judo to complement my jiu jitsu in tournaments.

BJJPix - Now you also train with Roberto Gordo here in Brazil. How did your team react?

Eduardo - I was teaching jiu jitsu at Brazilian Top Team which was a great school for me. When I opened my own gym in Oslo, I made it clear that when I would go back to Brazil twice a year to visit my family, it would be easier for me to train in Barra. But whenever I can, I go pay BTT a visit.
Since I was raised in Jardim Oceânico, I always knew of (Roberto) Gordo. I admire him a lot as a competitor and I have always wanted to train with him.

BJJPix - We saw you compete at the Europeans this year. Tell us about your fights.

Eduardo - I tapped my first opponent but I ended up losing in second one to Renato Cardoso. Tough kid. We played 50/50, his game. I also brought twenty of my students to compete, from white to purple belt.

BJJPix - And besides tournaments?
Eduardo - Besides tournaments, I give lots of seminars in Europe, sometimes every weekend. For now, I have a couple of ones booked in Switzerland, Russia, Canary Islands...
I devote and have devoted a big part of my life to jiu jitsu and it is what I most like to do.
I am a teacher since purple belt and compete since childhood. I think I can use my experience and share it with my students. I have a team in Norway that l love and to which I devote most of my time. If you had to chance to drop by at my gym, you will see that at each training, you will learn what is hard work and team spirit.

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