Vinícius Aieta: "I proved myself teaching jiu jitsu"

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Vinícius Aieta, a black belt under Royler Gracie and teacher at Gracie Humaitá Tijuca sat down for an interview with BJJPix and talks about his academy and training philosophy.

BJJPix - Tell us about your introduction to jiu jitsu and your career.

Vinícius Aieta - I started training with Rilion (Gracie) until purple belt then he invited me to move with him to Florianópolis but I decided not to because I had recently met my wife.
This academy was founded in 1993 and I've been training here since march of 1996. The first person to teach here was Ralph Gracie, then came Marcelo Machado, Arthur Cartiado and myself. That's how the team was started.
Saulo (Ribeiro) teached from 1995 to 1999 then moved to Ipanema then to the US. Saulo and I had the same students but some students were training more with one than another, like Letícia (Ribeiro) and Vinícius Magalães who were more my students.
I have worked with the Gracie Family for 17 years and since 5 years ago, I teach privates along with Rolker at Gracie Humaitá, a tradition at the Gracie Academies.
BJJPix - Tell us about your teaching methods.

Vinícius Aieta - I have never focused my work in forming athletes because athletes are formed naturally. My main goal is to teach students that may not have the capacity to defend themselves only with self defense techniques.

I'm always coaching my students at tournaments but I never had been a great competitor. I proved myself professionally teaching jiu jitsu. I'm very attentive to my students on the mat. I'm always helping and correcting my students during training.
Letícia (Ribeiro) has a discipline to teach that I admire a lot, she pays a lot of attention to details. I would always see her drill for hours with Bia and Ana Carolina. She held the first women-only seminar here in Brazil, in January, earlier this year.

BJJPix - You used to work with Hélio Gracie, is that correct?
Vinícius Aieta - I spent a lot of time with Hélio Gracie because when I started teaching here in 1996, he was still active. He used to teach class every monday and wednesday morning, for a few people. He had a student who went from São Paulo to Rio every monday to have a private class wih Hélio. So Hélio would arrive early at the school, put on his Gi and come take a look at my class, correct whatever he saw we were doing wrong. It was an great honor for me. Hélio was the teacher of the Gracie family and Carlos, the mind. Together, they created warriors and made the Gracie family respected in the whole jiu jitsu community.

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