Rafael Henrique: "I want to become a black belt world champion."

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Rafael Henrique won the brown belt lightweight division at the Panams this year. In an interview for BJJPix, Rafael tells us about his fights and his training.

BJJPix - Rafael, what team do you train with?
Rafael - I live here in Rio de Janeiro and I train at (Roberto) Gordo's academy in Largo da Barra tuesday and thursday and the rest of the week with Rabicó at Gordo's academy in Novo Leblon, Barra da Tijuca.

BJJPix - When did you start training?
Rafael - I started when I was 14 years old. I stopped for a while then started again at 18 when I met Pé de Pano who brought me to Gordo's gym in Novo Leblon. Now I train more with Rabicó, since blue belt.

BJJPix - How did you do at the Panams?
Rafael - I had 5 fights. I tapped my first two opponents and won the other three fights on points.

BJJPix - Tell me about the final.
Rafael - I fought AJ (Agazarm). I got him in a choke but he defended it as we rolled out of the mats which got me two points. The fight ended up with 8 to 2 advantages for him and 2 to 0 points for me.

BJJPix - Are you participating in the Worlds?
Rafael - Yes, I'll be competing at the Brazilian Nationals first then at the Worlds.
I should be training at Tinguinha's in LA, one of Gordo's friends. I trained there once and I liked it. If I don't go there I should be doing my preparation at Gracie Morumbi with Fábio Leopoldo.

BJJPix - Would you like to thank someone?
Rafael - First of all, I would like to thank my dad who always do everything  to keep me competing. I would also like to thank my mom, my girlfriend, Gordo, (Paulo Perrota) Rabicó who are both great masters and my Gi sponsor, Pride Fightwear

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