Mario Filho: "I was a fanatic white belt"

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Now at Fox Sports, Mario Filho, a black belt in jiu jitsu and Sport TV journalist and presenter for 13 years, talks about his career in television and sport.

I started jiu-jitsu in 1993, coincidentally a few months before the debut of the UFC, and the emergence of Royce Gracie to the world. When he began to strangle those giants and stretch everbody's arm using his Gi, it was madness. I was a fanatic white belt, but with the deeds of Royce in the UFC I was totally hooked, obsessed with jiu-jitsu. I practiced judo, shotokan karate and capoeira, but nothing even remotely comparable with what jiu-jitsu made ​​in my life. I was a competitive white belt and blue belt in the events of Barra da Tijuca, where Gordo, Soneca, Jamelão, Nino, Soca and Feitosa used to dominate among the black belts and brown belts. After I stopped competing because I started working full time, and I chose to just keep practicing jiu-jitsu. I am a student of Master Ricardo De La Riva, a virtuoso, one of the most phenomenal, intelligent and adaptable fighters who ever lived. But, above all, a positive person, fun, friend, counselor, beloved by all. The big daddy of Daniel and a Master in every way. The competitors that impressed me most were Leo Vieira, Shaolin, Robinho, Tererê, Nino and Margarita.

"I joined Sportv in 1999... I was inserted jiu-jitsu in the first program that I was responsible."

I joined Sportv in 1999 as editor of the radical band Impact Zone, and in the following year, I inserted jiu-jitsu in the first program that I was responsible, the "Opiniático", mixing surfing and martial arts. In 2003, I was one of the founders and first Editor-Responsible the Canal Combate (Premiere Combate at the time), and in 2008 I created the Sensei Sportv program. Thanks to Sensei Noção, I had the opportunity to do unspeakable sparring with great champions like Lyoto Machida, Junior Cigano dos Santos, Acelino Popo, Royce Gracie and Jon Jones. Nowadays, as a journalist I follow through Fox Sports and train a lot of boxing and jiu-jitsu. At the end of the year, I am getting my first degree as a black belt. I built in the building that I live a small but friendly space to train jiu-jitsu and boxing. It's the OSS training center, where comrades get to train, teach and learn, and socialize. In MMA, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, to me, are two forces-of-series, only two geniuses in the sport, light years ahead of this entire generation. My dream, as a practitioner of martial arts is to make a "Sem Noção" tv show with Anderson, who also have agreed on two occasions and promised me that it will roll! Will it be before Jon Jones or GSP? lol .. abraçOSS!

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