Xande Ribeiro comments victory at Copa Pódio

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On the night of Sunday, December the 05th, Copa Podio met two true legends in the Cities Challenge, where Xande Ribeiro from Amazon, five times world champion, faced Braulio Estima, from Recife. And the representative of Amazon shone.


In a great battle, Xande passed the guard of Braulio, a feat few people have done in history, and won the Copa Podio Challenge with the score of 5-2, bringing the city name to the whole world.

"It was great duel with a guy like Braulio, who besides being a great friend is a tough opponent. Getting to defend my honor on the mat and the flag of my city and state that I love so much was wonderful. I'm very happy." Xande said.

In the stands of the Clube Hebraica, Jose Aldo, the featherweight champion of the UFC, and Ronys Torres also MMA fighter, celebrated the triumph of fellow Amazon fighter.

"Xande is a legend of Jiu-Jitsu, I knew he would represent our city and our state the best possible way. I enjoyed the event, it was "show de bola", and I was very happy with the victory of my Amazon friend. "said Aldo.

With the victory, the city of Manaus keeps going in Copa Podio and now awaits new opponent at the event, which will be defined in a few weeks.