8 photos of 3x BJJ World Champion Marcio Feitosa

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Marcio Feitosa, student of Carlos Gracie Jr. and 3x world champion talks about his work to spread jiu jitsu and helping teachers to open schools throughout the world.

What are the main contributions that you brought to the franchise system of Gracie Barra?

My contribution was part of a group of black belts led by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. who in 2005 went to California to create a prototype of the "GB Model School". Since then, 97 GB franchises spread in America! I do a daily job as director at Gracie Barra and one of my jobs is to report directly to the Master Carlos. Today my focus returned to Brazil with the aim of creating working conditions for professionals who live of Jiu-Jitsu here. Gracie Barra is constantly creating new tools, strengthening the brand and spreading Jiu-Jitsu.
More info about our support structure to professionals of the gentle art here in Brazil.

What were the main problems of jiu jitsu teachers and they found that the GB franchise solved?

Many instructors were excellent athletes but did not know how to teach different groups of students (like children and beginners) and others knew how to teach but did not know how to manage their school and could not make a living out of Jiu-Jitsu.

Tell me about th GB camp for the Worlds.

I'm going this Sunday for the preparatory camp for the Worlds. My role in the Camp is to assist the instruction, share my experiences and motivate athletes at Gracie Barra.
There's more info here.
On Monday after the Worlds will be in the team meeting and will receive the award legacy that is offered to members of the Gracie Barra who are on the team of 25 + athletes.
More info here.