Jacqueline Amorim sums up the gold: "Overcoming"

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Jacqueline Amorim, the newest world champion purple belt featherweight from the Amazon talks about her preparation and her fights in search of the gold.

Being world champion was my biggest dream! I think the word that summed it up was OVERCOMING!

I trained thinking of this Worlds since last year. I would train focused every day with my old team GB. I am very grateful to them also helped me a lot in training before I left. I also want to thank all the Checkmat team who helped me to intensify my training in California.

I trained three times a day, along with workout sessions. I had to lose weight to fight in the featherweight division. The hardest part was to recover from a serious injury I had.
Early on I was very upset because I thought that the injury would take me the opportunity to fight the Worlds, along with the difficulty to go train with pains, but thanks to God and my faith, everything worked out. My father by my side encouraging me was also essential. To have him there by my side was more motivating for me because that was always his dream to make me a world champion.

It has always been his dream to make me a world champion.

I spent about 10 days in California. I trained with all the guys at the Checkmat Camp, with Carlos "Esquisito" Vieira Holland who set much of my positions.
Adding all that I achieved my goal and I'm very happy. Now I just need to stay focused and go for the gold next year!

I had four fights in my division. At the first fight, I felt a little short of breath because of the climate that is very different from the one we have in Manaus, Amazon. But I managed to stay focused and finishing three fights, and by coincidence, all of them with a choke which is one of my strongest submission. I made a very hard final match with a score of 2-0 against Laura Handorp which is an excellent athlete.
I won by 2 points from a sweep and kept trying passing for the rest of the match.

In absolute division, I lost in the semifinal to champion Monique Elias who I've fought several times and is a very tough girl. I played the wrong game and she ended up catching in a footlock.

My next goals this year are the Rio Open, World Abu Dhabi Pro Trials and Worlds No-Gi. I intend to train in the same focus to get good results.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me: SEMDEJ, SEJEL, Shoyoroll and BJJPix for giving me the opportunity to talk about my work.