Woolf Barnato Is Purple Belt World Champion

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Woolf Barnato, student of Kurt Osiander from San Francisco tells us about his training and his fights at the Worlds 2013 where he took Gold in the purple light feather division.

I prepared for the Worlds in Northern California at my academy Ralph Gracie San Francisco with my professor Kurt Osiander. The training went really well, we all meet at ten every morning drill for an hour our main positions train 6-8 minute rounds then drill again until about one. Since I live in a town kind of far from where I train I take the bus to training everyday and spend my whole day on the mats. Usually after the first training, I would take a nap and wake up a few hours later and do my conditioning around 5 pm, from there I drilled again until 6:45 and then trained 6 more six minutes rounds with my team. The training went really well, we have a lot of tough guys all pushing each other, sharing techniques and developing strong games through each other. There were definitely times that were mentally tough through the training, everyone knows bad days of training are hard to deal with but those are the days that I feel helped me grow more in the long run.

As far as my conditioning went, I tried a lot to focus on explosive movements. Since I fight the light feather weight division you have to be fast and sometimes that little bit of extra athleticism can make the difference. I would do my olympic lifting twice per week and weight circuits followed up by a lot of stretching to stay limber. I'm not to big for the light feather division so I only had to cut around 5 pounds.

I was able to take the back my first fight and submit around half way through the fight. My second fight I managed to do the same, take the back and finish with a choke. My third fight was really tough. I fought a great oppenent from Nova União and was able to finish the fight strong. At the end taking the back after being down on an advantage. After that fight I felt really drained and knew I had to fight my quarter final in a much calmer manner. My fourth fight went well and I was able to take the back and win on points.

After seeing I had gotten two, he spoke again to the ref and we were stood up and he was DQ'd.

In my semi-final I fought one of the favorites of the division. A guy from Cobrinha's school who had just won the Pans, we both pulled guard and were both warned for stalling. I was able to almost take the back forcing him to come up for his advantage. We went out of bounds and the ref checked our hooks. When we went back in the middle and I made my hooks but he wasn't happy with them. He continued to talk to the ref and was warned then warned again and I was given two. After seeing I had gotten two, he spoke again to the ref and we were stood up and he was DQ'd. It was a lousy situation and I thought it would have been a great fight if that didn't happen. I know he has a great game and is a tough opponent. Much respect to him!

In my final, I faced Yuta Shimada from Japan who had just won the Brazilian Nationals. It was a great fight! He was great on top and I played my guard to the best of my abilities. In the end, I was able to catch a triangle armlock giving me the winning advantage.
Winning was an amazing feeling, man. It has been my dream to win the Worlds since I started training and I came so close in 2011 as a blue belt rooster weight loosing in the finals on one advantage. After winning this time around in my second Worlds, I was overtook with joy. I didn't know what to think. I was so emotional all I could really do was walk off the mat without celebration and give my training partner Julian Marquez a hug. He has been there through all the training and sacrifice because we live together so instantly I walked to him. "You did it bro, you really did it" he said. As it sunk in, I just sat down and cried tears of joy. It was a great moment but as soon as I stepped off the podium I had a bit of a feeling of unease because I knew that the happy time was over and it was time to work twice as hard for it next year.