Márcio André: "I fought like hell"

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Marcio André says winning the gold for the third time at the Jiu-Jitsu Worlds: "I fought like hell" and over 10 photos of his fights.

The Jiu-Jitsu Worlds were full of emotions, joys and sorrows. Each each one has tasted the flavor that only Jiu-Jitsu provides and Marcio André was one of them. The purple belt from Nova União was champion at featherweight at the tournament that ended in Long Beach, Calif., on June 2nd.

After winning six fights, the student of Fábio Andrade was awarded the brown belt on the podium. He overcame the pain of an injured ankle without showing any hesitation and after the war was over, he ultimately failed to hold back the tears.
"Marcinho" (little Márcio) tucked 17-0 on Manuel Moreno, from Alliance, in the final of the division. The whole stadium stopped to watch the fight of the two purple belts. After having his arm raised, André commented on the fight.
"I went to finish, except that my opponent blocked every kind of attack I went for. From there, I scored points from passing and won."
"The title was very important, I fought like hell. I am very happy with this achievement, now I'm three times world champion. I won at blue belt once and purple twice", he said in an interview with BJJPIX.com.
The next appointment on the agenda of Marcio André is the third Rio's State Jiu-Jitsu Championships this Saturday.