Eduard Lisboa is Purple Rooster World Champion

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Eduard Lisboa from Sao Paulo is 2013 purple belt world champion and tells us about his way to the title.

"I'm from Taubaté, São Paulo. I have been training for eight years. I started by the influence of my brother, Thomas Lisboa, who always encouraged me. My first teachers were Alex Monsalve and Daniel Nogueira. After I got my blue belt I started compete with Daniel and my brother, who became my references, always supporting me. After starting competing, Jiu Jitsu became my lifestyle and I wanted to train more every day. I had as a goal to train in Sao Paulo, with Professor Fabio Gurgel, where the workouts are more directed to competitors and more intense.

Over time, I became increasingly involved with Jiu Jitsu and I was inspired to create Rosan, a jiu jitsu Gi and t-shirt  brand, which release each limited edition with a different design.

As soon as I graduated from college I had the opportunity to go train in Sao Paulo. I began to live in Sao Paulo this year to train with Fabio Gurgel at Alliance. It was a very important decision. My brother who always helped me in training but was leaving for New York. Even so I moved to Sao Paulo. That was very good, because I have many friends who help me in training and the level of preparation and focus within academia is impeccable.
If you compare to last year, when I was vice-champion in the purple belt, with this year, I feel things changed.

This year was especially challenging for the Worlds. I had to do four fights.
The first one, I won by advantages, but I believe there was an error in the refeering, because in both situations I thought I should have been scored point.
My second fight was against a athlete, also from Alliance. It was a very technical fight, but I managed to counter the game my opponent and head out with the victory.
The third fight was decided in the final moments. It was a draw on the advantages, my opponent had a very good guard and  in the final minute and I got an advantage by trying to pass guard. The final was against a yet another teammate from Alliance, Francis Tejano, aluno de Charles "Cobrinha".
I decided to start pulling guard, then worked the berimbolo to sweep. My opponent, in an
attempt to defend himself, went for a strait footlock. We were stuck in the position until the final minute, when I decided to come up and guarantee the two points that led me to victory and the most important title of my career.

This title helped me to rise in the overall purple belt ranking of the IBJJF, I am now in the ninth place.

My determination and focus made me go through all this, head on and come out as champion.

Being world champion is an indescribable feeling, I have no words to express such satisfaction. I struggled a lot to get here. There were 45 days before the world when I began to make a very restricted diet, I decided to fight on a division below mine as I had done at the Worlds last year. The diet was prepared by my trainer and friend, Rubens Gomes. It was a difficult phase. My energies were just for practice. I had to use some strategies to reach the ideal weight. But when we really go for it, we are capable of anything. My determination and focus made me go through all this, head on and come out as champion.
I hope to end my cycle of purple belt in the top ten and in the future I hope to have good results at brown belt. I know it will be difficult, but I hope to be a big name in Jiu Jitsu, getting the gold at bantamweight in major competitions.
Thank to BJJPix for the opportunity! "