Bradley Hill and BJJ in England

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My name is Bradley Hill, I'm a Purple belt under Braulio Estima at Gracie Barra Birmingham, England, I currently train full time, while teaching the Kids program at the GB academy. I began training at the age of 12 with Victor Estima, I fell in love with the art and joined Braulio at GB Birmingham. Since then I have been training and competing as often as I can across the world.
Jiu-Jitsu in the United Kingdom…

The gentle art was first introduced to the UK in 1997 by Mauricio Motta Gomes, in 16 years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has grown and expanded to what we see today, a grappling culture shared by so many across the country.
If I were to describe BJJ in Great Britain I would say progressive. Every year there are more and more people partaking in the gentle art. On the competition Circuit, we have increasing numbers at tournaments as well as additional regional, national and international competitions. In 2012 The IBJJF held the first ever Nogi European championships in London, England. 2013 holds further opportunities to compete at the highest level with the introduction of IBJJF International London Open both Gi and Nogi. However, there are various other organisations assisting the competitive scene around the UK as all are given the opportunity to test themselves in competition, including children from six years of age, up to seniors, and everyone else in between.

Great Britain is home to some of the very best in Jiu Jitsu.

The english athletes seem to be reaping the benefits of this system as this year we collected a record number of medals from the most prestigious event of the year - IBJJF World Championships. 3 of which reached the dream of world champion: Luke Costello (Gracie Barra Birmingham), Vanessa English (Gracie Barra Nottingham) and Yasmine Wilson (RGA). It can only be put down to the level of expertise we have in tuition. Great Britain is home to some of the very best in Jiu Jitsu. Such as the 10x World Champion Roger Gracie, Current ADCC Champion Braulio Estima, the ever exciting Victor Estima and the irrepressible Lucio 'Lagarto' Rodrigues; to name a few.
Great Britain is swiftly becoming a driving force in Jiu Jitsu; soon to offer rivalry with both Brazil and USA. I am excited to see the change in the next few years as GB anticipates countless rising stars fighting out of the United kingdom, including myself.
Bradley Hill