Tarcísio Jardim: "I had to rethink all my plans"

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Tarcisio Jardim, competitor from Paraíba talks about his life and career in jiu jitsu.

"I'm Tarcisio Jardim, black belt under Leonardo Vieira and member of Checkmat. I have been training jiu jitsu for 14 years and I live in João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil. I started training jiu jitsu because of my older brother, who worried about the violence. He wanted for me to know how to defend myself if someone tried to attack me. Within three months of training, I fought my first competition, a state championship, and got the third place. I was very happy and since then I have never stopped competing.

I took the jiu jitsu as a hobby, because my parents did not really like the idea that I train, they would rather see me study. So, during university, I taught classes to make some extra money and to be able to train at the same time. I had to ask permission to my former teacher to open a class at 10pm because I was stuyging during the day and attended college at night so I could only train after leaving that. 

So I graduated in law, I passed my exams and got to study in the area of ​​public safety. Thereafter, I decided to let go off the studies a bit to compete more in jiu jitsu and focus a little more on my gym with my partner Rufino "Batsy". It was mid-2010. In January 2011, my partner and friend was killed with two shots because of a confusion with our students during a concert.

"I had to rethink all my plans"

That is where everything fell apart. I had to rethink all the plans we had made for my professional life, studies, academy, students and competitions. So, after much thought and talk with my family, I decided to face jiu jitsu professionally since I was approved but had not been named in the exams that I had done.
I built a new gym with luxury structure for the population to face jiu jitsu like any other sport. I started to give enough classes and focus on training for competition too. I've always been a teacher and competitor, it makes the life of an athlete more difficult, because even when tired from training, I have to teach and administer at the gym.
It was from there that the good results came. I competed little at brown belt, because my studies did not allow me to travel to fight, but I still won the 3rd place at the World in 2006 and 3rd in absolute division of Brazilian Nationals in 2007. I was given my black belt in February 2008 and that same year I was in third place at the Rio Open and was South American.

In 2010, I was vice-champion of the Brazilian League 3rd in Word and 3rd place in the World Pro Trials in Gramado. In 2011, I was Brazilian champion and champion North Northeast. In 2012 I was 3rd in the European vice-champion Brazilian champion of World Pro Trials in Natal and 3rd World No-Gi. This year I was 3rd place in the World Pro in Gramado, 3rd at the Panamericano in Brazil.

Nowadays, training professionally, I am accompanied by my conditioning coach Márcio Victor and I have great sponsors who give me great support to travel to compete, SHOYOROLL, PUMP NUTRITION, FOUNDATION AÉCIO FARIAS and MV STUDIO. Not to mention, I can speak quite sure that I have the best training partners in the world at CheckMat. I am very happy to be part of this team, to be a student of this wonderful guy who is Leonardo Vieira, I am a big fan of him, and to be able to compete in major championships in the world and train with all these beasts that make our team.
I have a great training in my gym and also students who are black belt, brown and purple belt, who give me a hard time during class (laughs). I can say that I am privileged to have  the students that I have, but they are the proudest and biggest award of my career.

As an athlete, my biggest goal is to be world champion black belt, because in my view, it is what separates amateurs of true professionals. If you win the Worlds in other belts it's very nice, but means nothing. 

I also have my gym in João Pessoa, the CheckMat Manaíra. I have over 120 students and must devote much time to them, I want to compete professionally for about three more years, then I'll focus more on students and my academy. After all, in our sport, if you are only athlete, you will not have a very good financial condition (laughs).
I want to build champions in addition to jiu jitsu, people of integrity, honesty and concerned with the good of the group, true men and women, I want to prove myself through my students and I know they will still bring me much joy.

I want to thank BJJPix for the opportunity to talk a little of my life and career in jiu jitsu. A big hug and thanks to those who follow and admire my work and I promise to train hard to make  all who trust in me proud. OSSSSS. "