Kyra Gracie on Encontro Brazilian TV Show

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Kyra tells how she received a white gi when she was born and she always had mats at home. She says she grew up playing jiu jitsu and watching her family fighting at tournaments so it was natural to her to compete and become like her uncles. Kyra danced balet when she was small and liked to wear pink dresses so she wanted to bring this feminine side to her jiu jitsu trainings because there were only men training at her gym. The reporter asks: who is more of sissy when it comes to fighting? To which Kyra answers, "Men definitely. They always complain of small injuries. Women are more resistent." Kyra also says Jiu Jitsu means 'Arte Suave": the soft art, everything to do with women. Jiu Jitsu is the martial art for girls.
Then Camila, Kyra's blue belt student tells how she used to be obese and lost up to 70 pounds training jiu jitsu. 

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