Meet Belgian Black Belt Juan Grizzo

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BJJPix met with Juan Grizzo, a black belt under Zé Marcelo who teaches in Brussels.

Here is a transcription of the subtitles:

"My name is Juan Grizzo, I'm 41, I work with Ze Marcello and I represent the Icon team.
So I started jiu jitsu in 1997 with Christian Derval in Paris. I would drive from Brussels to Paris every other weekend. I started with the Rickson Gracie Academy. There, I received my blue belt and then Christian Derval introduced me to Zé Marcello whom I'm working with until now.
I went six times to Brazil. It has trained for eight years with the Brazilian Top Team and then Ze Marcelo created his Academy Icon and now I still train with him. I went six times and I trained every time a month to a month and a half. With Zé Marcelo in Niteroi or at the Brazilian Top Team in Rio.
I got my black belt about 7 years ago. I participated of six European Championships and I finished third six times. I started in the Master division then Senior 1, Senior 2. Pretty much when IBJJF came to Europe, I started the championships. I only train Brazilian jiu jitsu.
I speak Portuguese because my father is Italian and my mother is Spanish, so it's easy. [Brazil] is an incredible country. Quiet place to live, really relax. You can train, the beach, good food. This is really a great country. If I could go, I would go there easily."