An interview with Xande Ribeiro

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In this video interview, Xande Ribeiro, 6 times IBJJF World Champion talks about his career, training with a brother and the University of jiu-jitsu. 1080p, 5:23min.

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My name is Xande Ribeiro, I am 32 years old and I am a third degree black belt from Saulo Ribeiro. I started practicing jiu-jitsu in 1991 in Manaus, state of Amazonas with the Monteiro jiu-jitsu team. I started when I was 10 years old and I stayed in Amazonas for 7 years.

In 1999, I moved to Rio de Janeiro to attend law school. My brother already lived in Rio and I did Gama Filho. After a while I was invited to teach abroad. My brother and I were already doing seminars in the United States. One of our associates wanted a black belt to teach class, so I accepted.
In February 2002, I moved to Toledo, Ohio, in the Midwest and I am here since then. From the end of 2004 until the end of 2007 we stayed in Toledo, Ohio, building our association there. In 2007, we founded the Jiu-jitsu University here in San Diego, California. I had the idea along with my brother to encompass all ethical and moral knowledge of the martial art. We’ve been in California since then. In 2011, I decided to move to Los Angeles and opened a "kid" of Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu's there.

My story with Rafael Lovato is pretty cool. We met in 2002-2003. He fought against my brother in the Arnold Scharwznegger’s championship and he said that his dream was to train with us. We invited him and he accepted immediately. He was a brown belt under Carlos Machado at the time and since then he has been practicing hard with us. In 2004 when I was in Rio de Janeiro, he was also there. In fact he was still part of the Carlos Machado team then when he got his black belt; he returned and incorporated our team. In fact, since 2004, I remember that, for the Brazilian Nationals, he helped me a lot in my training. He was long, very strong, long legs and I used to fight many times with a guy named Jefferson at the time and I did a lot of training with him for my fights against Jefferson. So it was the first tournament that my training partner, my brother Lovato helped me a lot. (Saulo) ... has been fighting in the world championship since the first edition, he was always on the top; six times world champion until 2007. When he was 34 he got to the final with Rômulo Barral. In fact, Saulo was a genius; he came to jiu-jitsu with a simplicity that sometimes impresses me.

I think that (two brothers) they are two sides of a coin of the same value but they have differences. You see Rafael and Guilherme, they are always training, always evolving, always discovering new techniques. Even João and Paulo. Having a brother who loves the same art that you love is very important. It’s also important to understand the differences. Many times my brother and I fought because we thought that each one of us had a better technique than the other. “No, I am saying this is right, no this is right.” But I think there´s no right or wrong. I guess everyone has their opinion, a different thought. This is what helps the brothers to evolve. The differences. It’s important to understand the differences of each other and use them in the best way. I think the Mendes brothers and Miyao brothers have proven in recent years that it's working out. And me and my brother too, of course. We have almost twenty years proving that a brotherly love is rewarded when it is well used.

I don’t know how many Ribeiro jiu-jitsu's there are. It’s easier to tell you about the countries where we are. We are in Japan, Tahiti, Mexico, United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Philippines, Russia and Romania. Better to say how many countries than how many gyms.