André and Angélica Galvão [20 photos]

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Tell us how went Angelica's matches.

Angelica fought well, she was confident. It could not go wrong.
The first fight, she took on Jackeline. She scored 12 points. She swept, passed guard ... In the end she got a little distracted, perhaps because of the very large margin of points. Jackeline almost got her back.
She won the third fight against Jennifer, a student from Leticia Ribeiro. She swept twice and mounted winning 8x4.
In the final Angelica swept and was trying to pass on the bad side of the girl and ended up winning 2-0.

Angelica, you think having a world champion husband helps in your training?

I tell everyone that is not easy to have the same person when I'm at work and when I'm home. Sometimes we have bad training days and we must not take it home. We've been together for ten years now.

André inspired me so much all this time. This time I'm with him, I learned about discipline, about persistence, about how an athlete has to be and act. You have to be an athlete also outside the gym. I learned about diet, cutting weight. He is a great leader, a great teacher, a great businessman, a great husband.

André you can tell me about your fights?

I often enter in the Worlds in the middle heavyweight division but this time, I fought in the heavyweight division. I weighed 10lbs below the limit. You see my size compared to that of my opponents, you can see the difference. But everybody sees you entered as heavyweight and says: "Wow, you're on something, you're too big." I reply: "Dude, I'm the same. Only my name is there. "
My first fight was against Vankler from GFTeam. I got a submission from behind.
In the quarter-final, I fought Panza. I managed to score a throw, pass to the back and finish.
In the semis I fought Rafael Lovato. I managed to sweep him and pass his guard.
In the end, I fought with Felipe Pena. It was a good match, back and forth. In the final seconds, I was winning by an advantage but I was inattentive.

Actually I thought I was behind. I tried to move, I tried to attack and ended up falling down. He was winning by two points, missing 15 seconds. It was in my hand, everything perfect, it was just a matter of holding it there. I made the wrong decision, wanting to move.
I spent a long time at the gymnasium, coaching, without eating there.

I have never lost a tournament where I was so disappointed with myself as at this Worlds. I have lost many finals. It was the first time I felt the weight of defeat because I knew I could have won. it was hard to digest.
I fought the toughest guys in the division. It was the first time that after getting to the final, I stayed all day in the building. Usually when I qualify for the final, I pick up my bags and go to my hotel. I'll sleep, I'll be back just in time for the fight. I learned a lot with that defeat.

I wanted to thank Kings, World Tribe Gear, Jiu Jiteiro and send a hug to all the guys in Brazil that like my jiu jitsu. I will still give them many victories.