The Body Issue - Talita Alencar

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Talita Alencar, purple belt from GFTeam, countless times state champion at blue belt, is one of the up and coming athletes of women's jiu-jitsu. Check out some of her photos from this photoshoot in Recreio, Rio de Janeiro.

BJJPix: "Tell us how you started into jiu-jitsu and competitions" 
Talita Alencar: "I started training through a friend of mine in Fortaleza. I fell in love for the sport and never stopped since. Jiu-jitsu changed my life, made ​​me go different directions.
After a year of training, I moved to Rio to dedicate myself even more and to participate in major championships like the Brazilian. I went to Rio on my own and fell in love with the city. I started training with Gracie Barra but then I had the opportunity to be part of the GFTeam. 
At that time I really was not aware of the world of jiu jitsu, who were the champions, etc ... I was amazed with GFTeam, they received me very well. They have a bond that is hard to find in other teams. I train in GFTeam Recreio, an affiliate team in Rio de Janeiro with my master Theodoro Canal. "
BJJPix: "What are your doing now and what are your plan for the near future?" 
Talita: "I am currently training and teaching in Denver, Colorado where I was invited to spend 4 months. 
I recently attended the Worlds in the California. Unfortunately I didn't do well. I got sick and lost in the first fight. Then I fought the Dream Jiu Jitsu. I took third place making three fights with heavier girls. I'm spending a season in the USA to compete, Five Grappling California, American National, Worlds No Gi and Abu Dhabi Trials. "