Why few women train Jiu Jitsu

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 for new women wanting to become involved in the sport. It’s a friendly environment that encourages women to succeed in BJJ. No sweaty men. No “macho guys” who think women shouldn’t be in a man’s class. No intimidation. So tell your friends that have always wanted to try BJJ but were too scared that this is the perfect place for them to learn.

Some women will try out a jiu-jitsu class, but never stick it out. I think the first 6 months in BJJ is the most difficult to get through for women and men alike. You are learning the techniques, but have a hard time pulling it off and it often gets you into undesirable positions which can make for the longest 5 minutes in your life. By training with other women you can work on those techniques without so much fear and worry. Heck you may even be able to pull off a new sweep.

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